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Sholawat Songs in Islam

Every Muslim knows sholawat. That’s because the chanting of praise and prayer is said in every fardu prayer.

In the meaning of language, sholawat is adapted from the word shalla which means prayer. Meanwhile, according to the term, sholawat is defined as a form of prayer or praise to the Prophet as worship to Allah.

Sholawat is divided into 3, namely the prayer of Allah, the prayer of angels, and the prayer of man.

Many modern prayers are the result of the creativity of musicians and songwriters. The charge is also positive so that it is comfortable for anyone to listen to.

Top 5 Sholawat Songs You Can Listen to

Muslims will meet again with the month of Ramadan starting at the end of last April. Even though the situation is very different because of the pandemic, everyone has to keep the spirit.

One way that we don’t have bad thoughts about Allah and His Messenger is to listen to prayers.

#1 Li Khamsatun: Between Doom and Trials – Anisa Rahman

Anisa Rahman managed to sing a song that brought the issue of the pandemic well. Even though everyone feels difficult, humans should not be prejudiced against God.

Through this song you can learn that in the end we must surrender to God while trying to comply with the applicable health protocols.

#2 Aisyah, the wife of the Prophet – Siti Nurhaliza

It seems, this song is very suitable to be heard to increase love for the Prophet Muhammad. Each lyric in it tells the story of the harmonious household of the Prophet with his wife, Aisyah bint Abu Bakr.

#3 Ramadan Arrives – Opick

It feels less if Opick’s works are not included in this list. Even though the song has been released for a long time, namely 2016, Ramadan Arrives it is still very pleasant to listen to.

It should be noted, you should not use this song as a backsound when video calling with parents.

The reason is, even though the content is very positive, you can immediately grieve because you remember that you can’t go home in Ramadan this year.

#4 The Missing Month – Shauqi Maruf Amin and Charly Van Houten

Ahead of Ramadan 2020, a religious song was released by former ST12 vocalist and son of KH Maruf Amin. This song will make you happy because you are still given the opportunity until now.

#5 Nawaitu – Terry

This song tells the joys and sorrows of fasting. However, despite having to endure some things, humans must still obey for his good.

This song, which was released a few years ago, is very touching. Especially at that time Terry had not long decided to wear a hijab.

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